Sweep is the AI & AR-powered social shopping app. It’s created to solve #1 frustration with shopping experience by giving users more power to find the best prices & shops nearby or online.

As a shopper, it’s a pain overpaying and researching for a product. I was always frustrated that there was no single destination or solution that provided all I needed. Therefore, I created Sweep app to solve the problem. 
In return, Sweep solves frustration and has been nominated as a finalist for ‘Best Shopping Innovation’ in 2019 Finder Awards.

Co-Creator | Head of Design & UX
Ownership of the entire UI/UX of the product Sweep, from early-stage research & ideation, through to implementation & iteration based on key success metrics.
Direction & development of concepts, solution & design rationale to team & stakeholders, and turning these concepts into an executable strategy.
Working closely with stakeholders & development team to ensure accurate execution of all submitted designs.
Influence stakeholders and present products to investors.

What is Sweep?
Sweep helps shoppers save time and money.
Sweep takes the hard work out of finding the best price and shops. Using personalised feeds, an AR deal finder and a price history tool, shoppers can discover products and retailers nearby or online.

Sweep helps retailers increase sales and build loyalty.
How? By putting the right offer in from of the right shopper at the right time, and linking them to the retailer.

Sweep identifies when to connect and when NOT to connect - by always working for the consumer, we can deliver more sales to retailers. 

Problem. Problem. Problem.

Product-Market Fit Strategy

1. Pre-Market Research

Retail market Size
Source: Statista, Australia Post, Forbes, Brain & Company

2. Underserved Needs
"The best products address users' pain and then selling a solution to their pain."
-Subin Park

User Testing & Interview

User Journey Map

See all products in one place
See offers nearby
Price history and alerts
Builds a trusted community of shoppers
Personal recommendations and reviews

3. Value Proposition
A shopping platform to link shoppers & retailers with the right deal at the right time

Competitor analysis

4. Feature Set (MVP & Roadmap)

5. UX
Ideate and validate

User Testing

Final solution

Acquire & Retain
- Partner referrals to build initial user base
- Backed by SEO, social and viral mechanisms to build organic traffic before profitability
- Once liquidity is reached within a vertical, drive growth with paid acquisition such as above-the-line-marketing
- Best deals, best location, best info - shareable content for social media 
- All users rewarded for buying and sharing – cashback, unique experiences, unlock exclusive features
- Top users rewarded for driving usage and new users

AR Activation with Partners
User Flow

Successfully led UI/UX of Sweep from concept to production, received multiple awards includes 2019 Finder Awards ‘Best Shopping Innovation’.
Successfully translated concepts into user flows, wireframes, mockups, prototypes design that led to intuitive user experiences including native iOS app,  Android app and responsive React web application.
Developed the product roadmap visions and designed the AR deal finder, map finder, personalised recommendation engine, price history & price comparison engine, rewards system, loyalty card system, deal crawler and  AI shopping list.
Designed user flows & prototypes for various AR activation campaigns.
Drove the development of an AI with machine learning algorithms from concept to production (personalisation, classifies product types, identify keywords, extract prices from websites) and Google APIs/Integrations & location Content.

App Store Ratings & User Reviews



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